Meet Our Staff

Sandra Gautreaux, Director

I am Ascension Parish home grown and have lived here her entire life. My husband, Scott, and I have 5 amazing children. I am a graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in Kinesiology Teacher Education Certification K12. I have taught over 25 years combined in preschools through High School, as well as PSR and Sunday School through my church.

I believe that quality education can begin at a young age and having the right programs in place can give children the head start they need to succeed and shine in life. This early start fosters learning not only mentally but physically, social-emotional and spiritually as well. I believe that when home and school work together the outcome is so rewarding!

Sarai Martinez, Assistant Director

I have over 15 years experience with children ages birth to adulthood. I first started working with special needs children while attending College for Social Work. Once I had my own child, I decided to work at their Preschool to be closer to them. Soon after teaching I realized this was my true passion and changed my major to Early Childhood Education. With all these years in the classroom I decided to branch out into the administrative department to help more children, through teaching teachers to be the best they can be!

Caitlin (Cat) McClelland, Teachers Advocate

I am from TN and have lived here in LA since 2020. I have been working with children for over 15 years now. I love teaching and helping children grow to their largest capacity on their best level at their own pace. I have now ventured into the role of teaching our new educators how to care for your kiddos. My role is to be in the teacher’s corner so they can be their best in your child’s corner. I am the third in a rank of 3 that are here to support your kiddos, our staff, and you as the parents. I am fully confident in my role to help create the best educators possible; so they can help your child grow as much as possible throughout their educational journey with us.