We Choose Virtues
We Choose Virtues is simple, inspiring and is about character. The goal is to be as focused and precise as possible with a relatively small quantity of character skills to create a strong foundation, built on lasting principles. When a student gains the confidence to grow in their moral excellence through this program, it is only the beginning of their character journey. To learn more about our curriculum click here. We Choose Virtues

Our art lessons help children develop creativity, social development, fine motor, and critical thinking skills. Art is a great emotional outlet for children; and it is our job as early childhood educators to teach children how to understand and control their emotions. Our art teacher is passionate and ready to help your child learn in the classroom and the world.

Thanks to the focus and effort students have to put in when learning a second language, teaching Spanish in preschool can improve a child's academic skills. Truly immersing your children in a Spanish lesson can specifically help with improving listening, memory-retention, and problem-solving skills. This helps put them ahead and prepare them for their bright future ahead.