Mother's Day Out

  • Ages 18-23 Months
  • Cut off date September 30th
  • Schedule availability:
    -3 Days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    -2 Days per week: Tuesday and Thursday
    -Half day enrollment 8am-12pm

PreK-2 & PreK-3

  • Cut off date September 30th
  • Schedule Availability:
    -5 Days per week Monday through Friday
    -3 Days per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    -2 Days per week: Tuesday and Thursday
    -Full day enrollment 8am-4pm


  • Cut off date September 30th
  • Schedule Availability:
    -5 Days per week Monday through Friday
    -Full day enrollment 8am-4pm


Mudbug Academy will meet and exceed Louisiana's Birth to Five Early Learning & Developmental Standards. As experienced early childhood educators, we have created a curriculum for our Mudbugs that meets the needs of the whole child: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Our curriculum includes:

Phonics & Reading
Skills taught in this program will include letter sounds, blending letters and how to read small words and sentences.

Our approach relies on hands-on activities, visual experiences and discussion in order for students to have a better understanding of number sense and problem solving skills.

Everyday Counts Calendar Math
This program enriches daily math instruction, reinforces core concepts, and provides immediate differentiation.

For preschoolers, daily life is science. We will provide hands-on contact with sensory materials, as well as opportunities to explore and discover, giving children the ability to study life around them.

Social Studies
Preschool often gives children their first sense of community outside the home, while making friends and participating in decision-making in the classroom. Later moving beyond the school into the neighborhood and around the world. Other skills introduced include how money works and sequence of events.

Bible Stories
Although religion is incorporated throughout the day, we will use this liturgically-based program to explore the Old and New Testament.

P.E., Art, and Spanish will be offered to all ages.

Our vision is to make our children “STRONGER FROM THE START” by providing them with a solid, overall foundation that will help them find success in the future.


First Day of School August 11, 2020
Labor Day September 7, 2020
Fall Break Oct. 12-13, 2020
Staff Development (Student Holiday) October 14, 2020
Thanksgiving Holidays Nov. 23-27, 2020
Christmas Holidays Dec. 21 - Jan 1, 2021
Martin Luther King Day January 18, 2021
Mardi Gras Holiday Feb 15-17, 2021
Easter Break April 2-9, 2021
Last Day of School May 14, 2021

Next door to Mudbug Academy

Crawfish Swim School
Experience Crawfish Swim School, where Lessons are a Gift for Life!
  • Curriculum for building strong, confident swimmers
  • Small Group & Private classes-Year round lessons
  • Offered 7 days per week
  • Indoor, heated pool
  • Makeup classes offered for missed lessons