Age Groups

School at Mudbug is from August to July yearly. We offer a summer session during June and July, spots are limited, so please call and watch for postings about registrations for Fall and Summer sessions here and on our facebook page.

At our facility we create an environment that nurtures and embraces a two year olds high energy level. When it comes to this age we love to focus on the following stages of development; physical, cognitive, social, and language and literacy. This is the age when the children are starting to discover their personalities and words. We strive to get them to learn and understand this stage but the correct ways of expressing at this age as well. We also implement wonderful knowledge from our mother goose time curriculum in order to get them started on their educational journey they will continue as they grow.

At this age children now have a taste of curiosity for learning and the world. We strive to help them explore their curiosity, emotions, physical strengths and weaknesses. This is the best time to help children discover who they truly are. We have a curriculum a bit more challenging that will push them to keep them at their best with the developmental standards. This curriculum focuses on the following standards for this age level; social, physical, cognitive, and language and literacy.

At four years old, our students are getting ready to incorporate all that they are learning at the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional levels in order to make that important transition to kindergarten. Our focus on higher level thinking within a safe and nurturing place, where students learn to approach problems and attempt new challenges. By this age, children are also developing peer relationships and discovering self-discipline and control. Our curriculum nurtures this growth through reading and pre-reading, science, math, dramatic play, and creative movement. We are ready to take this challenge head on with your soon to be kindergartener.